The War of Ezekiel 38/39

Most students of Bible prophecy consider the next likely event on the prophetic calendar to be the coming invasion of Israel from the northern confederation led by Russia and Iran. The rapture of the Church could precede or follow this event by some period of time.

Recent news of the rise of the Sunni alliance in the Mid-East predicts this could weaken Iran and the ‘Shiite crescent.’ Current uprisings, wars and economics have been credited with altering the regions landscape making it possible for a new axis to emerge led by a Sunni alliance of Egypt, Qatar, and Turkey. This group of nations led the way in helping solve the current crisis between Israel and Gaza. In doing so, they have reportedly attracted Hamas away from the fold composed of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. This could serve to isolate Iran making it harder for the enemies of Israel to build military strength closer to the border of Israel.

While, on the surface, this seems to stall the prospect of an invasion including Iran as Ezekiel predicts we must realize that from the mouth of the prophet we are told other nations are surprised by the attack that is taking place. With the present fears of a nuclear armed Iran, it is not a stretch of imagination to see an attack that is fostered by hate and miscalculation. In addition, the destruction of the attacking forces described by Ezekiel cause one to think that inexperience of the attacking army in possibly untried weapons could cause their own aggression to back fire upon them much as ancient enemies of Israel experienced thousands of years ago.

The important thing for those watching prophecy is to realize that God has allowed the confederation predicted in the two chapters of Ezekiel in consideration to enter into early stages of creation. This confederation is the focus of an early chapter in “SIGNPOSTS of the Last Days. God, indeed, is the Blessed Controller of All Things.


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